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Xantia hydraulic system & spheres testing


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I hope that you dont mind that I'm writing in English.

I'm looking for a method to check and diagnose the hydraulic system of my Xantia mk2. is there a way to do it by connecting gauge/s to points in the system in order to get more accurate results than guessing? and if so, where I can find info regarding it? as a matter of fact, that would imply to all the Citroen systems, not only the Xantia, isnt it?

Thanx for your help.

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No problem. There are no points in the system to connect a gauge or something like that to give a better feedback how good your suspension is. The only thing you can connect is the LEXIA diagnosis unit, this unit shows if the sensors and hydractive valves (only if your car ha hydractive-II suspension) are in perfect order.

If you want to check your suspension you can do the following:

- Try to push the back end or the front end of your car downwards. How does the suspension behave? Can you easily push it down or does it feel stiff?

- Remove the supension spheres and have it checked. Citroen does this or built/buy yourself a supension sphere tester.

- Put the car into highest position. Look at the rear wheels from behind. Are the Wheels standing straight or does it look like knock knees? Knock knees mean that the rear suspension arm bearings are worn. This decreases the comfort of the suspension.

- Put the car onto ramps or on a car elevator. Control the height correction units (front and rear). Are they clean and lubricated? Can you easily move them?

- Check the height of the car in normal driving position. Is it OK? Is the car to low or to high?

- Check the LHM in the reservoir. Is it green? Or has it turned into dark green or brown or is it even black? Change the LHM if it is not green anymore.

Last but not least: Can you give us more details about your car? What engine? Hydractive-II suspension? This information helps us to help you better!

Best regards

Fred :)

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Kugelblitz, thanx for the detaild info. my car is not equipped with hydractiv. it is a 2001 model, 2.0 liter 16v engine. right now I'm not facing any problem with the suspension, but I would like to try to check it's condition. I have a Lexia, but as you've mentioned, I dont think that it can give me any data about the hydraulic system/spheres. could you give more info regarding a sphere tester? can it be built? btw. I've found a technical guide/maintenance manual of the Xantia suspension - but it is for the Hydroactiv system. I will keep looking for the regular system, I hope that I will be able to find it.

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Tim Schröder

Checking the sphere pressure can only be done with a tester. And of course, you can build it by yourself. A few things are needed for a home made sphere testing bench: A main pressure regulator (to screw the spheres on), a hand engaged pump, a manometer (range about 100bar), a reservoir (oil container) and suitable pipes or hoses.

But, as the Kugelblitz said, testing the spheres is usefully made in built in state. Only in case of doubts about the conditions or if you want to proof and refill removed spheres, a tester is required.

And normally the hydraulic system without hydractiv is pretty insensitively.

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