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C5 kombi 3.0 Benziner 2008 -> gesucht


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Hello everybody,

I am looking (to buy) Citroen C5 3.0 benzine  kombi after 2008 and less then 180 000 km.

If somebody is interested please answer - I can not find such car in the official German sites 

Thanks in advance


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On Autoscout you canfind only in Switzerland 3 of them. One of them seems at a first glance to have a reasonable price, since it comes with documented maintenance and warranty.


and there's this one in Germany


and on mobile.de, you should find some more.

I don't know your budget, if you think it's to expensive you should look out for a C5 kombi of the first 2 series.

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Hi MARC1234

Thanks for your prompt answer -

I nave seen Swiss offers but the problem they are not in EU and duty should be paid

(about 20% which could be saved if car is from EU).

Besides, I don't know much about Swiss sellers - how correct they are. My budget circles around 10 to 11 000 euros if the car is right.

If somebody (from Germany) has in mind to sell his own car I am open for negotiations - I am interested only in 3.0 C5 kombi benzin.

Thanks again,


P.S. The  2nd series of C5 with 6 gears is also acceptable but they should have too much mileage by now.

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ACCM Helmut Bachmayer

There is no duty, only VAT. To avoid dutyfees you will have to get an original evidence. The form is called EUR 1. Citroen Swiss can provide such a paper and the fee is about chf 60. This paper proves that the vehicle is originated in the EU and thus free of duty.

in general Swiss Cars are in good shape, as they have a strikt MOT (MFK). 

Hope you are succesful, yours der Bachmayer 

Edited by ACCM Helmut Bachmayer
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